Top 10 Beauty Products


It’s mid-November which means… another Top 10 post! This is my seventh in the series and I cannot believe I’ve been doing this since April. I’ve come such a long way since then, but it’s nice to have something still going from back then. Today’s Top 10 is all about my favorite beauty products, and everything from makeup to face washes is mentioned! I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday, so a lot of these products aren’t being used daily, but the majority are used whenever I’m shooting for a style post. Therefore, they’re still fantastic products and I hope you all find a new mascara or face cleanser or anything in between to try out for yourself!


I received the Sun Beam liquid highlight from Benefit Cosmetics in my stocking last Christmas, and let me tell you, this stuff gives you all the GLOW! It’s golden hue is gorgeous and glides onto your face so easily. On top of my dewy foundation (mentioned later), this highlight completes the glowy look I’m always trying to go for. Although, it is not suited for all skin tones, so check out Benefit’s other highlight called High Beam before settling on Sun Beam.

Sun Beam Liquid Highlight


I bought the Fit Me foundation back in April, and it is so wonderful! On the face, the foundation is light and dewy, but has really nice coverage. My skin tone has very pink undertones, and this product covers the excess redness up very nicely. It stays all day, and even this summer when I was sweating to pieces during blog shoots, it held up. In case you were wondering, I’m the color porcelain (yes, I know, I’m pale) and this line contains most skin tones.

Fit Me Foundation


If you’ve seen my Brow Routine, you know my eyebrows are Non-existent with a capital N. Needless to say, the ABH Dip Brow is my savior when it comes to filling in my brows. It comes in a cute little pot and even though I’ve been filling in my brows with it for about 6 months now, I’ve only used a small section of it. The lady at Sephora who sold it to me said that the small pot lasted her about 2 years! I use the color blonde and this stuff works magically! Honestly, I can’t imagine using any other product on my brows.

ABH Dipbrow


I’ve been using and loving the Noxzema face cream for a couple years, so it’s a surprise I haven’t mentioned it sooner. Noxzema is for deep cleaning your skin and removes dirt, oil, and makeup. I use it at night to clear up any stress breakouts and overall it leaves my face feeling clean and smooth. This product works for me, so I highly recommend it to you all!



Black eyeliner is fading out, and colored eyeliners are rolling in. I have two, both from the Sephora Collection, one is purple and one is electric blue. These liners last forever and are waterproof, while still giving the awesome pop of color I’m going for. Colored eyeliner is an easy way to spice up any look, so these Sephora ones are a BIG yes for me!


As I previously mentioned, ya girl is pale, so it’s nice to have a bit of bronze on my face from time to time. I accomplish that with my (drug store) Ellen Tracy contour palette. This palette is nothing fancy and is really inexpensive, yet it still gets the job done. It has a light, medium, and dark contour and bronzer, two highlights, and two blush shades.


Obviously, I couldn’t write this post without talking about the product I use on the daily; my Pumped Up Colossal Volume Express mascara. Even though it is a drug store brand, this has to be my most favorite mascara I’ve ever used. The first time I used it, I could instantly see a difference compared to my previous mascaras. My eyelashes look fuller, darker, and longer than they ever have before!

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara


I could rave about the Vaseline Rosy Lips Chapstick for days. This stuff does it all; making your lips smooth, full, glossy, and rosy (hence the name) with only a couple swipes across your lips. This is another product I use daily, and when I finish it off I will, without a doubt, be running to the store to get more. Also, since the weather is getting colder and windier that means more chapped lips, so this chapstick is a must!

Vaseline Rosy Lips Tin


I had been looking for a nice red lipstick for a very long time when I came across this beauty on sale. From the brand Jouer in the shade Simone, this true red lippie is one of a kind. I love how creamy it is and easily glides onto your (unchapped) lips. Something about the color is too perfect and unique when compared to other lipsticks. I’ve worn it a few times and it has stayed on the whole time, which is a must in lipstick!

Jouer Red Lipstick (50% off!!)


Three of the last four eyeshadow tutorials I have done on this blog were using the gorgeous Tarteist Pro Palette. All the shadows are pigmented and smell exactly like cookies! I love the mix of princess and punk shades that can go with any outfit and for any look you may be going for. I have used this palette for everything from a light pink graduation look to dark Halloween makeup!

Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

I hope you all enjoyed this post in the Top 10 series and found new products to test out.  Leave a comment below on what your favorite beauty product of the moment is, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have while you’re down there!  As always, thanks for reading and supporting Absolutely Olivia!

💜Love, Olivia


14 thoughts on “Top 10 Beauty Products

  1. Super fun you did a beauty blogpost! I really want to try the ABH dipbrow but I’m afraid that I can’t work with it. It’s also kinda expensive! I am definitely reconsidering it after reading this blogpost! That tarte palette looks gorgeous as well. I’ve heard so many great things about the brand but it’s so hard to get here! Thank you for this wonderful blogpost & have nice week! xo

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    • Honestly, the dip brow is totally worth the money! I’ve been using it for almost 8 months now, and haven’t even used half of the product in the jar. Considering, my brows are non-existent so I have to use a lot of product, I would say that’s pretty good!

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