Ways to Wear Different Styles of Jeans

In my opinion, denim is one of the best materials to have ever been created. The fabric itself looks cool, and it doesn’t give in easily to wear-and-tear. Over the years, the clothing pieces, colors, and cut of denim has become much more versatile; especially when referring to the type of pants most everyone owns: jeans! Whether they’re boot-cut or skinny, light-wash or dark-wash, ripped or not ripped; jeans are found in the majority of people’s closets. So today, I’m going to be discussing the different types of jeans I own and how I like to style them, in hopes of giving you all inspiration in styling your own jeans, no matter the style! Let’s get right on into it:


Dark wash jeans are one of the easiest clothing pieces to style, as they go with anything and everything! Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, sneakers, boots, light colors, dark colors, etc. You name it and without a doubt it’ll go perfectly with dark wash jeans. The best part about this jean type is that they can be worn casually, but can be easily spiced up for an evening look. Without even changing your dark wash jeans, you can replace your t-shirt with a crushed velvet or sequined top for a-night-on-the-town look!

J.Crew Dark Wash Jeans


A good pair of light wash jeans can get you through any situation (maybe not any situation, but fashion situation for sure!). I love them best in spring and summer, but they’re good to wear in the fall and winter too. Pairing light wash denim with nudes, light neutral tones, and whites is my favorite way to style them. Also, I find that this type of jean looks great with a graphic tee and OTK boots or converse.

Loft Light Wash Jeans


My favorite type of jeans are skinny. I love how when you find the right pair they fit perfectly, and after being worn in become comfy. I like to cuff my skinny jeans, and depending on the wash I’ll style them differently. Bomber jackets and darker colored tennis shoes go great with dark wash, while tank tops with cardigans look good with the light wash kind. Overall, chunky sweaters are the best type of top to wear with skinny jeans. Together, they create a comfy-casual outfit that is fantastic for the colder months of the year!

2017-10-06 05.47.02 1.jpg


For the longest time, I was against flared jeans whole-heartedly, but now the style is something I look for whenever I go shopping. Unless you’re going for a really boho/hippie look, it’s best to wear more of a fitted top with this style since the pants flow and are loose at the bottom. I’ve found that cropped tanks and light sweaters look fantastic with flared jeans, as well as looser tops that are tucked in. Wearing heels with these pants is the way to go, and really elongates the legs! Thrift stores are the best places to look for unique flared pants, and both of the pairs I have are from Goodwill.

2017-11-05 01.35.03 1.jpg

My fav flared jeans from Goodwill

Free People Flared Jeans (similar)


I love ripped jeans because they can be worn to showcase totally different styles, and I believe they can tell you a lot about a person and their style. If they’re worn with a leather jacket and booties, it shows off a edgy style. If they’re worn with a flouncy, lighter colored top and sandals, the look becomes more feminine with a hint of toughness. Also, the rips can be accessorized in cool ways with fabric, chains, string, and more.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Wearing my ripped jeans with a gray tee, black booties, and a camel coat gave this outfit an edgy feel.

F21 Black Ripped Jeans (similar)


Embroidered jeans is one of the best ways to have your outfit stand out in a crowd, and can show off your personality. I have a pair that I bought on sale from Zara, and every time I put them on I am wowed! My top tip for choosing a shirt to wear with this style of jean, is try and match your shirt color with one or more colors of the embroidery on the pants. This creates balance and makes the look seem finished and put together. Although, one of the coolest things is when someone manages to wear a top and embroidered jeans that at first glimpse should never be worn together, but looks great on!

Zara Embroidered Jeans (similar)

And there you have it; six different styles of jeans and how to style them! I hope you all enjoyed this post and discovered what to pair with certain types of denim pants. Leave a comment below about which type is your favorite and what you wear with it. Also, feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have while you’re down there. Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


6 thoughts on “Ways to Wear Different Styles of Jeans

  1. Love this! You have me so many ideas for wearing denim! I feel like I always wear jeans the same few ways, so this was fun and inspiring for me.

    Also, you totally rocked every single pair of jeans! Go girl!!


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