A Week in My Life: Homecoming

Last week was quite possibly one of the busiest and best weeks of my life.  I got back from a wonderful weekend retreat to dive head first into my school’s spirit week for homecoming on Friday AND it was exam week!  The week was filled with float-building for a parade, crazy outfits, the fair, tons of dancing, a corn maze, and fun times with friends. I ended the week a tired, but very happy gal. 🙂  So, today, I am going to be sharing with you all everything that went down over the course of those eight days for a little Week in my Life post!

Sunday, October 15

I got back from a fun, fun, FUN (and foggy) retreat in the mountains.  It was so nice to experience actual fall weather and see the beautiful leaves with their many colors.  In under 20 hours of being on the retreat; I had gone zip lining, hiking, taken many photos, made a few new friends, had 3 too-good-to-be-true meals, and danced like crazy multiple times!  I think it is safe to say that weekend had to have been one of the best yet.

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The zip line ft. the changing leaves

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Our view after hiking straight up-hill for a long time 🙂

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Dancing like crazy!

Monday, October 16

This day marked the beginning of Spirit Week for my school since homecoming was that Friday.  The theme was music Monday and I dressed like a rock n’ roll star!  Unfortunately, exams started this day, and I had an AP exam first thing in the morning, and a French one after lunch.  The fact that I had been staying up past 2 a.m. during the retreat didn’t help as I was bubbling in answers!

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My Music Monday look.

Tuesday, October 17

Tuesday was Throwback day, and of course I had to throw it back to my favorite style era; the 70’s!  I wore my thrifted bell bottoms, velvet booties, a chain belt, graphic tee, and tied a choker around my head as a head band.  I had my Photography and Computer class exams this day, and the plus of exam week is that there is barely any homework, which means there is time to work on the blog!  I finished an upcoming post, and planned many more for the next 2 months.  Later that evening, I headed to a friend’s house to work on my grade’s float for our school’s homecoming parade.  Our theme was Valentine’s Day, so lots of red and pink paint was involved, including a shade of red that embodied my absolute favorite color perfectly!

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The paint version of my fav shade of red.


All we did was paint the boards for the back of our float, which took longer than you would think!

Wednesday, October 18

Wednesday’s Spirit Week theme was Out of this World (literally!).  I threw on my infamous silver hoodie that inspired my Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Standing Out post, a white skirt with a thrifted silver belt, some blue eye shadow, and I was set for the day!  After school I had tennis practice, then went straight to work on decorating the float again.  I pulled apart tissue flowers and painted a lil’ bit, and ended with a photo shoot in the balloons we used for our float’s balloon arch.  Plus, I got to hang out with a bunch of my friends, which always leaves me feeling so energized!

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Out of this World !!

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Thursday, October 19

This day was NEON DAY!!!  It was so crazy walking into the school courtyard for lunch and seeing bright yellows, oranges, and pinks everywhere I looked.  I took tons of photos with friends, and danced around before taking my last two exams of the week (English and Math).  Once again, I went to help out with putting the finishing touches on the float, since the parade was the next day.  After that, I headed to the fair with my dad for the second time in a week.  We mainly rode rides, and oh my gosh do I love the feeling of the wind while riding a fast ride!  I ended the night with a healthy helping of chicken and waffles from a fair vendor.

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2017-10-22 09.30.37 2.jpg

Yours truly working hard on the float!

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The view from the Ferris Wheel

2017-10-22 09.22.33 1.jpg

Friday, October 20

This is the Spirit Day everyone had been waiting for all week!  Each grade got to dress up as a different holiday, and Valentine’s Day was pretty easy for me to put together an outfit for.  As you all know, red is a color I have a lot of (hence my Red Lookbook), and I have plenty of pink skirts to go around.  In my long, pink tulle skirt, red bodysuit, and red denim jacket; I felt like a fairy godmother!  Friday was also the day that all of the hard work on the float paid off.  Everyone who helped out got to ride around the school in a small, fun parade to show off their float, before a pep rally to get the school excited for the homecoming football game that night.  The football game was a pink out, so I made sure to pull out the stops for that one.  Sadly, our team hasn’t won a game, but nonetheless I still had loads of fun with my friends!

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Saturday, October 21

Saturday was very much a down day for me. Even though I slept in, I still felt like I needed some shut-eye, but alas naps are not for me; so instead I just took it easy for the majority of the day.  After posting my How to Style OTK Boots post on the blog, I began to write this one, and plan a little more for the weeks ahead.  Then, I walked my dog around the neighborhood with my sissy to enjoy the semi-chilly air.  The big event this day was a family trip to a big corn maze!  We had gone in years past when it was dark out, and it had taken us almost an hour and half to get out.  Although this time, it only took us about 20 minutes!  There was other activities to do once you finished, including smaller mazes, cooking s’mores, and a few playgrounds.  My family and I finished the evening with a meal at Waffle House.

On the blog today: How to Style OTK Boots

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From the post that went up this day.

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In the corn maze!

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A smaller, tire maze beside of the corn maze.

Sunday, October 22

This entire week ended on a wonderful note because we took another trip to the fair, not only to ride rides, but to see Sabrina Carpenter in concert!  It was incredible that I got to sing all the songs that I dance to with my sissy in our bedrooms, with the person who created them.  She was inspirational and very #relatable, and just such a beautiful human being overall.  I am definitely looking forward to her next album, so I can go see her again in person!

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Whew!  Just writing about this week makes me exhausted, but also reminds me of everything I have to be grateful for in my life (the five F’s: Family, Friends, Fall, Floats, and the Fair!).  Honestly, those eight days really showed me the meaning to live life to the fullest, and made me excited for all the fun weeks to come.  I hope you all enjoyed this Homecoming Week in My Life, and let me know in the comments if you’d ever want to see another post like this from me!  Leave any other questions or blog post ideas you may have as well.  Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia







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  1. That whole week sounded exhilirating and exhausting just from reading it 🙂 I have never experienced Homecoming (I’m pretty sure it’s just a US thing), but do you guys always have a week of themed dress ups before it? Cause that sounds (and looks) like such a blast 😀

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