Maddison + Co. – The Print Shop You MUST Check Out


Today, I’m here to share a very exciting post with you all. One of my fellow blogging gal, Taiya Maddison, is launching her OWN shop this Friday, full of the cutest wall prints, phone cases, throw pillows and more! Taiya is a teen lifestyle blogger, and her blog contains everything from OOTDs and travel diaries to advice and photography. Just from reading a few of her posts, you can tell how great her shop is going to be. I have already seen a few of the products and that has definitely increased my excitement levels, so I had Taiya send over some sneak peeks of a few of the items that I could show you all! Before I get into it, make sure you’re following Maddison + Co. on Instagram (the blog and shop are linked above, too), and have marked your calendars for October 20th, the day all these items will be available for purchase.

Now it’s time for the preview:

First, I’m going to showcase some prints from her shop.  They’re all so cute and fun, and the colors of them are those that could fit anywhere, whether your room has a minimalistic theme or is an explosion of color!  My personal favorites are the antlers (in the bottom right corner) with the words “Say yes to adeventures” underneath, and the “It’s the little things in life” one that totally captures something I believe.  You can hang these on your wall, stand them up on a bookshelf, or have them on your desk.

Collage of Prints #2.png

Next up on the sneak peek list is… this adorable “I Donut Care” mug.  Hot chocolate season is coming up (some of you already may be in it), and who wouldn’t want to sip yummy hot cocoa from a cup that instantly puts a smile on your face, and is aesthetically pleasing?!  Plus, it’ll look perfect in a cute Insta flatlay for all my lifestyle bloggers out there. 😉 

Untitled design(4).png

The last item I have to show you all that you’ll be able to get from Maddison + Co. is quite possibly the best of all: a marble throw pillow with closed eyes and the saying “I woke up like this.”  It’s a minimal design, but is so pretty and is something that I would love to walk into my bedroom and see everyday.  You could also use this on a sofa or chair in your house!


That gorgeous throw pillow is the end of the sneak peeks I can give you, but keep in mind that the items I have showed you today aren’t the only ones, so on October 20, make sure to check out, and under the Shop tab you’ll be able to see all the wonderful  products and designs!  Also, this post was one of many in Maddison + Co.’s launch tour, so feel free to check out these other blogger gals for more info on this cool print shop that is coming soon.

Maddison + Co Launch Tour
Tuesday, Oct. 17th
Wednesday, Oct. 18th
Thursday, Oct. 19th
Friday, Oct. 20th – SHOP LAUNCH!!!
Thanks for reading!  I can’t wait to see and hear back from you all who checked out the shop.
💜Love, Olivia



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