2 Hairstyles for the Busy Gal

I’ve found myself to be sprinting out the door in the mornings lately, and hurrying between activities in the afternoon, and I know I’m not alone!  This leaves little or no time to do my hair at any time throughout the day, which I hate.  So today, I’ve put together a post for all my fellow busy gals that like rocking a unique hairstyle, but just can’t seem to find the time to do it.  These hair-dos are easy-peasy, and you can do them in the car, on your way out the door, or in between classes.  I hope everyone’s first full month of fall is going well, and let’s get into the post!

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This hairstyle is incredibly easy, but looks extremely pretty.  It takes almost no time to complete, which is best for a busy girl.

Start by separating your hair into 3 equal sections, then push two of those to the side because you will only work with one at a time for now.


Braid the first section, then the other two, so that you have three in all; one in the middle and two on either side.


Pull apart/pancake each braid (to do this, grab each side of one braid and pull so that braid becomes thicker).  This helps to give your braids more volume, and is a most for those of us with thinner hair!


The braids are thicker now.

Lastly, braid your three sections together to create one master braid, then pancake (like the previous step) if you would like.  And you’re done!




This multi-twist ponytail may take a bit longer than the previous, but with practice I have faith that any of you could do it in seconds!  I feel like this looks like a bridesmaid hairstyle, but is so effortless to put together.

First, you pull back two small pieces of hair from the front of the head, and tie them together in the back (similar to a half-up, half-down style, but with less hair).


Next, you flip the little ponytail you created over the top of the ponytail holder and pull it underneath the hair you pulled back.



How the twist should look after.

You then take another two small pieces from the front, and pull them back, tying them together over the ponytail from the last step.  Repeat the flipping step and continue to pull back hair and flip it until there isn’t anything left to pull back.  Then, you tie the leftover hair into a ponytail.  And viola!




I hope you enjoyed this post and that everyone, not just the busy gals, will try out these hairstyles!  As you can see, they are quite gorgeous, yet so easily done.  If you want some more hairstyles to try out, check out my Bubble Braids and Braided Up-do tutorials (I guess I have a thing for braids ;)).  Also, leave in the comments below how your October is going, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas while you’re down there. Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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