Fall Trends


There’s always so much build-up before the fall season, of people sharing their autumnal favorites and talking about how much they can’t wait for cooler weather (I’m not throwing shade because as you’ve seen if you follow my Instagram, I do this a lot!)  Well, guess what?  Fall is officially here, and I could not be more excited!  

Since the weather is chillier, that means new styles will be rolling in and filling up our Pinterest boards.  I love to take my fall fashion inspo directly from the all the February fashion week runways (that’s when the fall collections come out), so I’ve rounded up certain styles that were continuously repeated to show you all.  I hope you enjoy and now you’ll know what to look for when shopping for fall clothes!


I remember a pair of fuchsia pants I had from J. Crew when I was in 5th grade.  They were corduroy and I loved them!  I also remember being very sad when I couldn’t find any corduroy in a store the following year.  With that said, I am over the moon excited that this material was such a hit on the fall runways.  Everything from jackets and crop tops to pants and slouchy boots were made from corduroy!

Image result for paul and joe green corduroy look

This look is so over-the-top, and I love it!  (from Paul & Joe)

Image result for tory burch fall 2017 corduroy wide leg trousers

I want a pair of these pants so bad! Also, the color chocolate brown is very big for the fall, too. (from Tory Burch)


Gingham was the pattern of this past spring and summer, but plaid is about to replace it. Every time I get a glimpse of a plaid skirt it reminds me of Cher from the movie Clueless, and I love it!  Plaid pant suits and wide leg trousers are very popular, making this print perfect for work wear, but depending on how you style it, plaid could make the perfect street style look for fall.

Image result for tory burch fall runway plaid

All plaid everything! (from Tory Burch)

Image result for jenny packham plaid shirt

One of my favorite plaid pieces.  Prom, anyone? (from Jenny Packham)


Metallics have been slowly picking up pace in the fashion world for the past year, but I think this fall/winter will be when silvers and golds will be ALL over the place.  Yes, they’re in tons of stores and many people are wearing them in small ways, but these upcoming seasons the metallics will get bigger and better.  Look for puffer coats, tops, and even pants in shiny colors to wear for fall.

Related image

I would give anything to have this wonderful dress!  (from Jason Wu)


Shirts with sayings are all the rage, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going away any time soon.  Fall fashion week was filled with everything from political to quirky statements on sweaters, tees, and jackets.  I love this trend, as it’s a way to voice your opinions, feelings, or thoughts without even having to speak.  If someone doesn’t know you and you pass by them as you’re walking around town, they’ll immediately know a bit about your personality and beliefs by reading your shirt.  Now that’s cool!

Image result for public school slogan tees runway fall 2017

Such a cool way to display what you believe in. (from Public School)


The accessory of the moment is most definitely wide belts.  The amount of these that were added to runway outfits was crazy, but also an obvious sign that they’re totally in!  I love wrapping my wide belt around flowing/ruffly tanks, and I can’t wait for fall and winter, when I will pair them with sweaters and coats.  The possibilities are endless with this accessory, my friend, so make sure to add one to your dresser drawer!

Image result for michael kors wide belt runway fall 2017

Where your belt around a neutral-toned coat… (from Michael Kors)

Image result for isabel marant wide belt runway fall 2017

…or around a skirt paired with a sweater and OTK boots  (from Isabel Marant)


Florals were big in the warmer months of this year, and it doesn’t seem like the world is ready to get rid of them yet.  Although, instead of bright and colorful flowers on billowy tops, the florals for fall are the ones you would see on your grandma’s couch.  Big, dark, and slightly obscene is what you should look for.  This pattern would look great on a duster or pair of culottes, and I’m looking forward to buying a piece to fit this trend.

Image result for calvin klein fall 2017 florals pantsuit

Here’s a little menswear for ya, but personally, I think anyone, regardless of gender could rock this look!  (from Gucci)

Image result for fall 2017 runway couch florals

I love the classy combo of blue and white!


I feel like I remember one-shoulder tops being in a few years ago, and they’ve finally made their way back into the spotlight!  The stylish looks on the runways included camel-colored suede one-shouldered tops, all the way to gorgeous ball gowns with one sleeve.  Wearing one-shouldered tops with wide belts looks completely fantastic, too!

Image result for zimmermann one shoulder dress runway fall 2017

The Victorian Doll vibes I’m getting from this is beyond cool. (from Zimmermann)


Of course, I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the color of the moment, red!  As you’ve probably seen, I posted a Red Lookbook earlier this month, and it was in anticipation for this post.  Fall fashion week was chock full of monochrome red pantsuits and crazy color combos that included the color.  Red is one of the best ways to stand out because of its vibrancy, and when everyone else is wearing the typical darker colors of fall, you can rock something a little better! 🙂

Image result for givenchy all red suit

This wasn’t the only all-red outfit, there were too many to count! (from Givenchy)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

One of my takes on this trend. (from Lookbook: In the RED)

That last trend wraps up this post.  I hope you all got an idea of what to shop for this fall season from this post because I know I did while researching.  All these trends make me so excited for what autumn has in store for the fashion world, and I can’t wait to share with you on Absolutely Olivia, and my Instagram, how I rock these styles later in the season!  Comment down below your favorite trend (it doesn’t have to be one I mentioned) and feel free to leave any questions or blog post ideas you may have.  Thanks for reading and for the constant support!

💜Love, Olivia


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  1. YES! I have been on the red bandwagon for a while. I feel like having some good red fall statement pieces is important because it comes in this time of year now and again. Plaid I am also all over. Velvet and burgundy are two others I am dying over.

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