Runway Review: Prabal Gurung Spring 2018

One of my favorite weeks of the year just passed; New York Fashion Week. Although, I’ve never experienced it first-hand, I (and chances are, you do too) always get so happy looking at all the brand new collections from the best brands and designers out there. I get so inspired to branch out and buy different pieces of clothing or rearrange previous outfits I’ve worn into a new creation that resembles the likes of those on the esteemed runways of NYFW. This post is all of my personal favorite looks from two designers I have fallen in love with, Prabal Gurung and Zimmermann. I’ll explain why I like them so much, and how you can incorporate them into your own wardrobe. Here we go!


Prabal Gurung is the top designer I have been waiting to see this fashion week. His Ready-to-Wear Fall 2017 Collection blew me away, especially since his cast was extremely diverse and his slogan tees stood for everything I believe in. As I assumed, Prabal Gurung did not disappoint, and his Spring 2018 line was beautifully colored and included fantastic draping, great materials, and the coolest high-waisted shorts. I can’t wait for more collections from him as I have already been so inspired by his previous ones!

Prabal Gurung 2

These bottoms are bomb and the patent leather material makes them 100 times better! Patent leather is my material of the moment, and it goes perfectly with a more feminine top like this beautiful blue one. Also, high-waisted shorts like this go perfectly with a high neck top (obviously, this photo proves that point!).

Prabal Gurung 3

First things first, let’s discuss this neutral toned trench coat. The structure of it is phenomenal and wow, do I want exactly like it! The stylist paired the coat with another pair of high-waisted shorts in a plum color, and they’re giving me early fall/spring vibes that I’m loving.

prabal gurung 4

I can’t get over the look of this plum-colored midi dress. I can just imagine an editorial shoot for it, with the model laying in a field of red poppies and big, bejeweled, layered jewelry pieces covering every inch of open skin. The sleeves and waist are the two best parts of this dress, and while I’m writing this I keep scrolling back up to give it another look, this dress is so great! #prabalgurungdoesitagain

prabal gurung 5

The plum hue was a common reoccurrence throughout the collection, but I’m not even mad about it, especially when it was paired with a lighter pink to create this magnificently draped dress. The linens give off a Grecian feel, and would be perfect for a springtime gala.

Prabal Gurung 1

I’m not sure if this is all one-piece or not, but nevertheless, this look is cool! I bet it moves with you as you walk and it’s sheerness adds something special and classy to the outfit.

prabal gurung 6

This unique piece is such a showstopper. The bold florals and bright yellow with a high neck and ruffles creates the ultimate combination that no one would have thought of. With this dress in your closet, there’s nothing stopping you from ruling the world.

prabal gurung 7

The brains behind this magic collection, Prabal Gurung.

Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2018 Collection was such a hit in my mind, and I’m sure it was for many others too. I can’t wait to go out and search for similarly structured and colored pieces for my own wardrobe! What was your favorite collection of New York Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments below, along with any questions or blog post ideas you may have for me. Thanks for reading and for the continuous support!

💜Love, Olivia


10 thoughts on “Runway Review: Prabal Gurung Spring 2018

  1. Nice choice of designer, and great review!
    The hit of his show, to me, was the Yellow Floral dress (your last runway pic). It combines the Fall florals, Asian motifs, and the longer hemline of the Season. This one piece hits ALL the high points. 👌

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