My Thrift Finds

I love having items of clothes that no one else has and are completely unique to me, so I turn to thrifting! You may or may not be surprised that a lot of the outfits I post on here and my Instagram contain something thrifted. Honestly, some of the outfits that I get the most comments and love on are ones that have an item from a thrift store. When thrifting, you can find some of the coolest clothing that you could never find in stores, which in turn become fantastic conversation starters. I’ve talked about my love of thrift shopping before, so when one of you guys asked that I do a haul of my thrifting finds, I hands-down had to do it!

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you a post full of my favorite things I have ever thrifted, in hopes that I can inspire you to give thrifting a go (if you haven’t already), and see why thrift stores should always make your hit list when out shopping. 🙂


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Okay, this studded leather jacket is the epitome of too cool for school. The silver hardware along the sleeves can elevate the style of any outfit!

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I’ve been gravitating towards warm tones lately, so it’s safe to say I’ll be wearing this yellow leather jacket a good many times this fall.

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The peplum trend is pretty big nowadays, yet I don’t have a shirt of that style… but I do have the prettiest pink leather jacket with a peplum bottom. Does that count?? 🙂

I never though beige would be a color I would ever put on my body, but this Members Only bomber proved me wrong. I did a couple posts that featured jackets they sent me after I posted this thrifted one (I got it for $1!!) on Instagram.

Here are my posts featuring the jackets:

Solo Style: Funky Blue Camo Jacket

Solo Style: Majestic Purple Bomber

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Does this say Scream Queens or what?! I have never actually watched that show, but have seen various photos and was immediately reminded of it when I picked up this jacket. The light pink with black ribbon will be a great feminine coat for the colder months.


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These cropped turtleneck tanks are two of the most basic pieces I own.  Wearing then under long-sleeved tops and jackets is how I plan on wearing them.  It’ll be so nice to not sweat in my classes when wearing a full-on turtleneck.

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I have yet to wear this lilac see-through top, but I am planning to layer it underneath clothing this fall.  It’s sheerness and details are gorgeous, and it’s from Free People, which instantly makes this top 1,000 times better!

I went through piles upon piles of tees at a yard sale to find this gem, and I’m so glad I did!  This yellow graphic tee could not be more in line with my style, especially for a t-shirt.

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These 2 shirts are a couple nicer looking finds.  They fit snug and are quite cozy, but the fact that they’re bedazzled makes them so much better!

I featured this bell-sleeved top with electric blue embroidery in my Festival Lookbook earlier this year.  The coloring on the sleeves is unique, and even though the rest is black, I still manage to feel stylish when wearing it.

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At first, I was skeptical of this thrifted piece as it isn’t something I would normally reach for.  Although after trying it on, I decided it could be the fun take I needed on the up and coming plaid trend.

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The sleeves on this top are to die for!  They move with me and the design and color is beautiful.  I love wearing this with my black ripped jeans.


These flared, dark denim pants are super comfy and really enhance my legs to make them look longer, which is what everyone wants, am I right?!

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This outfit is perfect, right down to the teal handbag!  The ribbed top is incredibly soft and the pink skirt flows and flounces around you.

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Another look featured in my Festival Lookbook that contains a thrifted piece, the skirt.  If you follow my Instagram (or this blog for that matter), you have definitely seen this tulle skirt on multiple occasions.  It is one of the most valued pieces in my closet. 🙂


Omg, this navy strapless dress was one of biggest steals to date.  It is from Loft and look how gorgeous it is on!  The cut is perfect and as you all know, I love love embroidery, so this piece was a score.


2017-09-11 05.02.35 1.jpg

The straw purse trend was huge this summer, and I fell in love with the look of the bags.  They were the #1 thing I looked for when thrifting, and my oh my am I glad I did.  I came out on top with some wonderful pieces, like the one with rainbow stitching.

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To wrap up this post, here is a choker and a few earrings I’ve picked up along the way.  They’re all so funky and look cool on the ears.

I was going to include some thrifting tips in this post, but honestly, that would be a shot in the dark for me.  My secret to thrifting is my grandma.  She can find the greatest items in a 10 feet tall pile of hole-y t-shirts!  She is the main reason I have so many successes when thrift shopping.

With that said, leave a comment below telling me some of your best thrifting tips, so maybe I (and some of you) can become better at it on our own!  Also, feel free to leave any questions or blog post ideas you may have for me while you’re down there.  Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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