Absolutely Olivia: The Story Behind the Name

One of the most important things when starting a blog is choosing a name (…obviously). After all, the name will be the first thing people notice and read when they come to your blog, it’s like your blogging identity!  Whenever I think or talk about a blogger, instead of using their real name, I normally use the name of their blog.  Maybe this is only something I do, but whether it is or isn’t, the name of your blog is very important and should be special to you.  Today, I’m going to share with you how I decided on Absolutely Olivia as my blog name, and the deeper meaning that it has slowly evolved into.

I knew I wanted my name in my blog title, so I started by trying out different word combinations with my name.  They included Just Olivia, Only Olivia, and Olivia’s Style, but Absolutely Olivia just had that certain ring to it and was too perfect not to use!  Initially, I chose my blog name off of what sounded best, but lately I’ve been thinking of the deeper meaning behind it.

Absolutely Olivia means that everything on my blog is absolutely and truly me.

Everything I post makes me happy and shows who I am and how I want you, my readers, to see me.  The name of this blog reminds me to be genuine, honest, and not afraid to share silly things and sayings throughout my posts.  Also, sometimes I’ll be hesitant to post something I’ve written (like Seeing Past Your Privilege) because it’s a something I’ve never done before or something I wouldn’t typically post on this blog.  Yet, I’ll always put it up because even though the writing may not be fashion or lifestyle related, it still represents me in some way, and I think that you should see that.  

I love being connected to the name of this blog, Absolutely Olivia.  When people say it out loud, it makes me so happy!  I know this was a short post, but it was something I wanted to explain.  It always interests me how other people came up with their blog names and the special meanings behind them, so let me know in the comments your name story and feel free to leave any questions or blog post ideas you may have for me while you’re down there. 🙂  Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia



29 thoughts on “Absolutely Olivia: The Story Behind the Name

  1. I do not ever think I read why someone chose the name for their blog a part from their niche; it was somewhat endearing to hear why you chose and have meaning behind yours. As for me, The Sweetly Mistaken Baker is what I chose because it embodied what my blog was about: Honest, imperfections in the kitchen; dealing with baked goods/desserts 🙂

    ~ Bree

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  2. I love the meaning of your blogs name! And its so true that even if your not posting a specific topic you talk about, everything posted still represents you! Thats actually one of the reasons why I changed my blogs name because I didn’t want peoples first impression of me to be ‘average’ xx

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  3. I wrote the meaning behind my blog name, Surrealistique, in my About page, but I’ll explain here too. It took me quite a while to think of a blog name. I was going to go with Surrealistic at first, but that just seemed a little bland. I then thought of Surrealistique (pronounced surreal-list-eek), which I thought was a little more unique. It’s actually a combination of the words Surrealistic and Mystique. Both of those describe me and my thoughts quite well, so it seemed fitting.

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  4. I love your blog name….. It’s perfect for your blog….. (Obviously 😀)
    It perfectly defines your blog…..
    And I totally relate to the struggle of finding a blog name in fact all Blogger do 😁
    I came up with DIY Empress after brainstorming about 150 blog names 😂😂😂😂
    And I am pretty happy with the final name “DIY Empress”….. 😊 As it defines me perfectly…… I love to create new things and share it with you all…… 😊

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