How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 2

I think we can all agree dress code is the biggest hassle when it comes to back-to-school/work shopping. There are so many do’s and don’ts that it can be hard to find something you won’t get stopped at school or work for. Let’s be real, in this day and age, finding shorts that are school-appropriate is extremely hard! To make things easier on some of you, I’ve put together a two part post for you (Check out How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 1) that gives tips and tricks to hack your dress code, so you never have to hang up that adorable tank top or mini skirt ever again. Let’s jump right into it:


Off-the-shoulder tops are arguably one of the biggest trends lately, but they’re probably against most dress codes. That can change easily though. Most OTS top sleeves can be worn regularly (this probably isn’t news to you, but you never know…) and I’ve worn them like normal many times. Some OTS top sleeves can look awkward when pulled up, so when back-to-school shopping make sure to check when you try-on that the sleeves look fine worn normal.

I pulled up the sleeves on this cute little number!


Ripped jeans are allowed at my school, but I know they aren’t other places. I know I would not want to sew fabric underneath all my rips because then the holes are sealed forever, so I’m guessing some of you are the same way. Instead, pin or fabric glue (the glue can be removed easily) cute scraps of fabric underneath the rips. Honestly, I loved how this turned out and even though I can wear my hole-y jeans to school, I will be using this hack throughout the year, for sure!

2017-08-06 05.47.40 1.jpg

Yellow Tee // Black Ripped Jeans (similar) // Sandals (similar)


Lots of people already do this, but I figured I could throw it in here! Pop on some tights or leggings (my personal favorites are translucent black ones) under a not dress-code skirt of your choice and now they work. This style is great for the upcoming fall season and looks good with a stylish pair of booties or Adidas.

Pleated Skirt // Tights (on sale) // Flatform Sneakers


Crop tops can be some of the cutest pieces of clothing around, but sometimes I don’t want to show my stomach off, especially in a school where they’re against dress code. Besides crop tops, high-waisted bottoms are another thing I love to death! Luckily, these two items fit perfectly together when in need of a way to wear belly button-showing garments to school or work. As long as your crop top meets the waistline of your pants, you’re good to go!

2017-08-06 05.34.33 1.jpg

White Crop (similar) // Blue Palazzo Pants (similar) // Sandals (similar)


My last tip in this two-part post is to always carry some sort of jacket. Whether it’s a cardigan, sweatshirt, or jacket; keep one in your locker or bag for everyday use. You never know when something is going to go haywire and you’ll be sitting in the office because of a clothing item that is against dress code. But, if you have something to throw on over your top then you’re automatically out of that one! This trick has saved me countless times and also, if you have a teacher who also thinks dress code is bogus, you can throw on a jacket in the hallways, then take it off once inside your classroom.

Gray Sweater // Jean Skirt (similar)

These are all my tips for How to Beat the Dress Code, and make sure to check out Part 1 if you haven’t already!  I hope you have found new ways to stop dress code in its tracks and now, you’ll never at have to hang a “school-inappropriate” clothing item back on the store rack.  I loved writing this series because it was about an issue close to my heart!  Let me know in the comments whether or not your school has a dress code and ways you cheat the system. 😉  Also, feel free to leave any questions or blog posts ideas you may have for me.  Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


28 thoughts on “How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 2

  1. Love these ideas!! I think the fabric underneath the jeans is a great idea! I also think you can wear fishnet tights under ripped jeans; it would look really cool! Can’t wait for more fashion posts!!


    P.S: Love the pics!

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