How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 1

For my second back-to-school post, I wanted to help you out with something I have struggled and seen many other people struggle with; Dress Code. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been stopped in school hallways and been told that something I had on wasn’t “appropriate” (i.e. too short shorts, thin tank top straps, see-through material, etc.). Even though the majority of the time, a little extra skin on my shoulders and thighs was showing. To me, a strict dress code is crazy and I could rant about it for actual days, but I need to get to the topic at hand.
Originally, I wasn’t going to do many back-to-school posts, except for this one. Giving tips on how to wear dress-codable pieces to school is something I wish I had a long time ago, so I thought sharing them with you all could give you (and me because I came up with a bunch of new outfit ideas through this post!) some inspiration and ideas on how to beat dress code. This is going to be a two-part post, so look for the Part 2 next Saturday, and once you’re done you’ll never have to turn down a piece of clothing solely because it isn’t dress-code!
See-through tops is something I struggle with in terms of dress code. Even if I wear a cami underneath, it’s not allowed! I had to turn to the next best option; wearing a tee underneath those types of tops. And surprisingly, it doesn’t looks awful. This is definitely a trick I will be using in the future because look how good it turned out!

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H&M Red Mesh Top (on sale!) // Black Mesh Top (similar)

Something I noticed during school last year (and actually tested) is that if you pull up your shirt or wear a shorter one when wearing shorts that aren’t dress code, it makes your shorts look longer. This is hard to explain, but basically the more of your shorts you show, the longer they seem.
This was one a friend told me about and it sounds a little out there, but hear me out as it actually works quite well. Find a scarf that matches a school unapproved tank top you like. Then place it around your neck, spread it as far down your arms as you want and bring the loose ends to the back and tie them together. I’m not sure how often I would use this trick myself, but it’s actually quite stylish and perfect when you want to wear that tank top with the adorable front to school or work!

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Free People Bodysuit // H&M Shorts (on sale!) // Shoes (similar)

This style/trick that I’m about to share you might already know as it’s been trendy for a while now, but I’m going to share it anyway just in case. I’m sure most of you have super cute thin strap tanks that you would love to wear to school or work and you can do just that by layering them over a solid color (or graphic!) tee. I’ve never tried out this style before until the shoot for this post, but wow, am I mad that I hadn’t!

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Plain White Tee (similar) // Fuchsia Tank (similar)

When you want to wear a tank by itself, pop on a lightweight jacket over it for school or work. Bomber jackets, snazzy windbreakers, and cardigans are a few ones you could try. Normally, it can get pretty chilly inside, so this is the perfect way to stay warm and still look cute while wearing your favorite tank!

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Members Only Bomber // Jean Shorts (similar) // Red Tee (similar and on sale!)

This is all for How to Wear Dress-Codable Pieces Part 1, but make sure to be on the lookout for Part 2, which will be up next Saturday! Let me know down in the comments any dress code hacks for school or work that you use, along with any questions or blog post ideas for me. Hopefully, you’ve gained some new knowledge and now you won’t have to turn down those so-called “scandalous” pieces that you’re not allowed to wear while back-to-school shopping. As always, thanks for reading!
💜Love, Olivia


36 thoughts on “How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 1

  1. You have adorable style! I wish I dressed as good when I was your age. lol I’ve been out of school for a decade now, but I can assure you that dress codes are alive and well in the employment field as well. While the company I work for allows us to dress casually, we still have a dress code which is basically the same as school dress codes. (No short shorts, tank tops, etc.) It’s kind of a pain because so many clothing companies sell crop tops these days or tank tops or shirts with backs out, etc. I love how you have a white tee underneath the purple cami. It’s very 90’s! (I’m a bit obsessed with 90’s fashion style). I’m also in love with your outfit with the body suit and scarf. I never would have guessed that was a scarf if I hadn’t read that.

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