11 Question Game + Get to Know Me Better

Today, I am going to be doing the 11 Question Game. McKenzie from Styled by McKenz (one of my favorite bloggers and the sweetest gal that I mentioned in my last post) nominated me for this. Definitely go check out her 11 Question post because she answered her questions so truthfully and it’s a perfect way to get to know her if you don’t already! McKenzie asked 11 questions to the 11 people she nominated and they are well thought-out, so I decided responding to them would be a great way for any new (and old) followers to learn more about me, in-depth. Not going to lie, tags aren’t exactly my thing, but I am making an exception for this incredible one! Here we go:

Who is your greatest source of inspiration and why?

Honestly, any powerful woman who stands up for what she believes in, is a trailblazer in her field of work (whether it be technology or fashion related or anything in-between), and lifts up other women at the same time is inspiration for me. I hope to one day be a successful, strong, and independent woman who is constantly pushing the world’s limits as well as her own. Women like the ones I mentioned make me want to keep going and see how far I can get in life with other girl bosses around me!

Where would you like to be in life 5 years from now + do you see yourself still blogging?

I definitely want to be at college in a big city, just finishing up a fantastic internship at a great company. I would like to be as happy or happier than I am right now, with supportive friends and family surrounding me. I want to have a side-hustle (besides blogging) that I pour my heart and soul into and speak/write more about things that are super important to me, like human rights. Also, in terms of the world, I hope that five years from now, love is much greater than hate and more people are accepted for who they truly are.

Yes, I see myself blogging in 5 years. I feel like I’m talking about this more and more lately, but Absolutely Olivia has changed my life for the better. I’ve met the coolest people, grown a lot as a person, learned more about potential careers I’m interested in, and gained knowledge about businesses and how they work. I have no idea why I would give that up, and hopefully this blog is no longer a small corner of the internet in 5 years, but rather one many people visit often for inspiration and ideas!

The best advice someone has ever give to you- GO!

“Everyone knows you can hit the ball hard.”

This is completely random and unique to me, but let me explain. This was told to me while I was playing a practice tennis match by an onlooker. I was over hitting the ball because I felt that if I slowed down the pace, it would make me look weak or like a pusher (A pusher is someone who barely hits the ball, but makes it over the net and in the court almost every time. They are very disliked in the tennis community :)). Essentially, what the person meant when they told me this was that people know your abilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to showcase them all the time because sometimes it is something else that helps you “win” at whatever you’re doing.

I don’t just apply this advice to when I’m playing tennis, I also remember it throughout my everyday life. It reminds me to not always feel the pressure to show people everything great about me right away, in fear they won’t see my potential and disregard me as weak or not worth it.

If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

If you’re an OG Absolutely Olivia blog or Instagram follower, you know how much I used to wear my Adidas Superstars! That black-and-white pair of shoes goes with everything from dresses to workout gear. They would without a doubt be the pair I would choose to walk through my whole life in. I could wear them to play tennis or go to a special event. Although, they might be a little frowned upon at a fancy party or restaurant!

Share about the person who has had the greatest impact on your life without sharing their relationship to you.

This one is a toughie and I definitely had to think about it for a while! The person who has had the greatest impact on my life is extremely supportive of me. Support from others, especially from those close to me, is something I value a lot because it gives me more confidence in what I’m doing (or wearing). Whether it’s a new outfit I’ve put together for the first time or a new blog post, this person always shares their honest opinion and I can trust them. They have also made me see things differently than I would have by myself. This person continuously pushes me to try and go to new things and even though I may not like it at first, I’m always grateful that they made me go or try it. Being pushed to do new stuff has created a similar drive in me to do what scares me (like going to a new club or hanging out with people I barely know), so that now I can get myself to do the things that this person normally has to force me to do.

Where in the world do you feel most at peace with yourself?

There is no one specific place, but rather certain times when I feel most at peace. When I’m on the floor laughing at something my friend said, get a meaningful comment from one of you, meet one of my goals, and living it up somewhere in the US on my family’s annual trips are a few of those times. I love sitting back and just smiling to myself, thinking this is exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment.

Coincidentally, feeling most at peace sometimes leaves me sad. I know I’ll never get back that specific moment when the world felt completely perfect, but luckily those times always come around once in a while and I try to enjoy them for as long as I can.

Describe your thoughts on success.

Success is what you make it.

Everyone has a unique version of what success is to them, so it might be harder or easier for someone to feel successful depending on who they are. For me, success is happiness, productivity, feeling accomplished by meeting my long term goals, and inspiring others. For others, success may be climbing the tallest mountain in the world or raising children who, in turn are successful. Although what someone’s specific success is will differentiate from person to person, I think most people can agree on what it feels like to be successful. You’re probably at your happiest and have done most everything you’ve wanted to do and achieve in life. Some people may want to do less in life than others, so they might feel success before someone who wants more. So really, success is what you make it.

*Whew! The word success was definitely way overused in that paragraph :)*

Is English your first language?

Why, yes it is! I am working towards learning one or two more though (Spanish and French).

If people were like plain books in the sense that we couldn’t judge them by their cover but only by the blurb on the back, what would you write about yourself?

Olivia is a girl who dresses up for everyday life, solely because she can and loves the saying “Look good, feel good.” In her opinion, outfits are simply wearable art that can showcase anything you want to be known about you. Besides sharing her fashion on her blog and Instagram, Olivia plays tennis as much as possible and listens to music, especially songs from the likes of Billie Eilish, Lorde, and Maggie Rogers. Also, she strongly believes that every single person in the world should have human rights and that no one should be discriminated against because of how they look, dress, or act, etc. Olivia hopes to one day have a career in the fashion industry, doing work on editorial shoots or in marketing. She is still curating and finding her exact personal style, but isn’t everyone?


from my Instagram

What is the farthest place you’ve ever traveled to?

The farthest place I have ever traveled to is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sounds boring, but it was actually a lot of fun! We stopped at the Jelly Belly factory on the way up, went to the really cool zoo, and to the Wisconsin State Fair. That fair was probably one of the best ones I have ever been too. There were giant desserts as big as my face called cream puffs and they were delicious! I enjoyed the Milwaukee trip so much, but hopefully in a few years my answer to this question will be outside of my home country.

How has blogging changed your life and you as a person?

Blogging has given me a much better insight into the business side of the Internet world, which I am highly interested in. Since starting Absolutely Olivia, I have discovered lots of ways to educate myself in things important to me and potential opportunities for the future. I have learned so much about the fashion industry and influencer industry than I would’ve if I hadn’t started a website.

Through blogging, I have met new people from all around the globe (still crazy to me!) and gained lots of mutually beneficial friendships. This has also allowed me to be inspired by women I may not have ever learned about and has given me an urge to do more and keep pushing myself.

New ideas about how to go about life and blogging has become abundant and oh my gosh, having Absolutely Olivia genuinely just makes me so incredibly happy!! I could go on for hours and days (trust me, my family knows this is true) about the changes blogging has made, but what I’ve written is everything in a nutshell.

My Nominations

*This tag is totally optional because I myself am not a big fan of them, so you can always choose whether to do it or not*

Jordyn from The Obsession Begins

Elena from Out ‘n About

May from Forever and Everly

Anni from Gluecksgeist

Natalie from Natalie Vinh

Ari from Aricouture

…and anyone else who wants to participate!

My Questions

  • What is something you strongly believe in?
  • Did you dive straight into blogging or did you do your research first?
  • In 3 years, where would you like to be in life and what do you want to be doing?
  • Name 2 of your life goals and explain them.
  • If you could have dinner with anyone, who and what would you talk about?
  • Who is your style inspiration and/or inspiration in general and why?
  • What is your definition of a “perfect” world?

Now, to steal a few from McKenzie because hers were so great:

  • How has blogging changed your life and you as a person?
  • If people were like plain books, in the sense that we couldn’t judge them by their cover, but only by the blurb on the back, what would you write about yourself?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • Where/when do you feel most at peace?

I hope you all enjoyed this post and learning a bit more about me! I enjoyed answering these questions and they really made me think about things I hadn’t previously thought about. Let me know a few fun facts about yourself down in the comments and feel free to leave any question or blog post ideas you may have. Thank you so much for reading!

My other get to know me post: 15 Facts About Me

💜Love, Olivia


43 thoughts on “11 Question Game + Get to Know Me Better

  1. Such an awesome post Olivia! I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you! I am in complete love with your clear glasses and I so love your take on the quote about everyone knowing that you can hit the ball hard. Your breakdown is so profound and has truly inspired me! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


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  3. WOW! Way to go Olivia! You are so wise beyond your ears and your responses have truly moved me. Makes my heart warm knowing I share such a passion with someone like you. Thank you for making my blogging journey so much better, I hope to one day return the favor! Oh and ps Milwaukee is the farthest I’ve traveled too :,)

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