Top 10 Ways to Make Your Uniform Stand Out: Rock the Hallways

As we all know, school is sadly starting back soon, but there’s positive things that come along with it.  Seeing your friends for 7 or so hours a day, playing high school sports, and having fun at lunch are some highlights of mine.  What I’m really excited about though, is all the back-to-school posts I’ll be writing (and reading!!!) for the next few weeks.  This post is a new edition to my Top 10 series AND my first back-to-school blog post ever! I have good things planned, so feel free to subscribe through email so you can be notified as soon as a new post on Absolutely Olivia goes up.

My school doesn’t require uniforms, but I’ve always thought about how hard it must be to style the same few pieces of clothing over and over and over.  I wanted to create this post to give those of you who do have a school uniform (or work uniform) ideas and inspiration on ways to take your required outfit to the next level.  Lucky for me, my gorgeous sissy, Camille, does go to a school with a uniform, and she agreed to be my “model” throughout this post.  So without further ado, here are 10 ways to take your uniform from blah to beautiful!

*Quick Disclaimer:  Depending on your school’s uniform/dress code, some of these tips may or may not work for you.  But you can always modify them to fit your needs!*


For me, shoes are the ultimate confident booster and also one of the best ways to make any uniform better.  Whether it’s some spunky high tops like Camille’s, or a sparkly pair of Doc Martens, shoes are the absolute coolest and you should definitely search for a pair that expresses your personality.

2017-08-04 08.18.25 1.jpg


To go along with your shoes, socks can be another uniform elevator.  Go for fishnet anklets, see-through, frills, or sayings on your socks and you’ll be good to go!

2017-08-04 08.18.21 1.jpg


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I’ll always be down for a pair of eye-catching earrings.  Especially if you have your hair up, this type of jewelry is perfect for all my uniform-wearing people out there.  A pair with pom-poms, big geometric patterns, or tassels are some of my favorite earring types.

2017-08-04 08.18.24 1.jpg


A little bit of accessories can go a long way and layering your bracelets and necklaces can take your uniform from zero to one hundred.  Take a choker and some thinner chains with charms for the necklaces, and a bunch of bracelets with similar color schemes to up your look.  Big, chunky pieces work too.


2017-08-04 08.18.23 1.jpg


What I mean when I say accessorize your hair, is to add colorful bobby pins, fluffy scrunchies, embellished barrettes, or cool ponytail holders.  These can easily add interest to your otherwise “regular” hair.

2017-08-04 05.53.06 1.jpg

Camille’s fuzzy scrunchie is a perfect hair accessory!


Polka dots, stripes, flowers, geometric shapes; you name it, they’re all good designs for your nails that you can wear to add a little something special to your everyday (literally everyday) uniform.


Pins and brooches are a retro way to bring style to your uniform.  There are so many out there you can choose from, so it’s guaranteed you’ll find one that can showcase your personality.  My personal favorites are bejeweled and rainbow pins!  Camille is wearing a couple that were my mom’s when she was little.

2017-08-04 05.53.04 1.jpg


I adore rings and have been wearing them almost religiously for the past few years. Stacking and mix-matching rings is something I love to do and could totally make your uniform better.

2017-08-04 05.53.06 2.jpg


Looking at crazy hairstyles on Pinterest and Instagram is one of my favorite past-times, so I obviously think a perfect hairdo could take the focus off your drab uniform and onto something greater.  Bubble Braids, Space Buns, an Updo, or braiding rings/ribbons into your hair are some ideas you an try out!

2017-08-04 08.18.26 1.jpg

There’s my Top 10 Ways to Make Your Uniform Stand Out for 2017.  I hope at least one of you gained something from this, and even if you don’t wear a uniform, you can still apply these tips when trying to jazz up an outfit.  If you know someone who has a school or work uniform, share this post with them!  Let me know in the comments if you have to wear a uniform and a way you spice yours up.  Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


48 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Make Your Uniform Stand Out: Rock the Hallways

  1. I remember having to wear a uniform when I went to a private Christian school in kindergarten and the first half of first grade. At that age, I loved it, but I’m sure if I had to continue my schooling under those rules I would’ve definitely needed some way to stand out or have a unique enough outfit! These tips and tricks are lovely and I especially like that pink fur scrunchie (:

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  2. Great post! 🙂 Thank you! 💕Most of these tips I can’t really use because of the school rules but it was lovely reading it and as you said, I could use it for normal outfits as well. 😊 I’m sure lots of people will be able to use these tips at their school though. Lots of love from Truuty xxxx

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  3. Oh I really liked this blogpost. Eventhough I’m going to College and I never had to wear an uniform to highschool (or other schools), I always admire the ones who do. It must be hard to style the same clothes over and over, as you said. But seriously, you can sleep much longer in the morning if you don´t have any outfit stress! Haha, can´t wait for the upcoming back to school-posts! xo

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