1,000 Followers + PROMOTE YOUR BLOG

So recently I hit… 1,000 FOLLOWERS on Absolutely Olivia (and I’m already at 1,030+, how crazy?!)!!!

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One of the OG Absolutely Olivia posts that shows my excitement over hitting 1,000 😉

I could not be any happier (obviously) as I’ve been waiting on this moment for a while now!  To be honest, I don’t know exactly what I wanted for this blog when I first started it.  I barely got any views for the first few months (I had no idea there was a wonderful WordPress community out there, so I wasn’t connecting with anyone), but now Absolutely Olivia and I have grown so much!   

There is no way that growth would have happened without you all, my readers.  Thank you to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who has visited, liked, commented, and especially followed my blog!  It means so much that people find inspiration in my posts and I love hearing from you all.  Whether you’re a recent follower or been with me since the beginning, I appreciate that you take time out of your day to catch up with Absolutely Olivia.

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To celebrate this blogging milestone of 1,000 followers and you readers that have helped me reach it, I am hosting a little “meet-and-greet” down in the comments, so you can get to know other fantastic WordPress guys and gals and check out their unique blogs.  Here are the rules:

  1. Give a little blurb on who you are and what your blog is about.
  2. Leave a link to your blog so people have easy access to it.
  3. If you want, leave a blog post idea for others and myself to use.
  4. Follow me/this blog, Absolutely Olivia, so you’ll never miss a post and check out my Instagram, @absolutelyolivia.

Finally, make sure to come back to/scroll through the comments to find other bloggers who interest you.  Feel free to interact with others and reply to their comments. Give their blogs some love and hopefully you all will make great connections and maybe find your new blogging bestie!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting Absolutely Olivia!

💜Love, Olivia



198 thoughts on “1,000 Followers + PROMOTE YOUR BLOG

  1. Congratulations Olivia! I’m so excited for you, what a fun and special milestone. My name is Lauren & my blog is The Rose Gold Pineapple. I kinda post a little bit of everything, from fashion to recipes to whatever the Lord lays on my heart! I’m so glad to have stumbled along your post!
    Xoxo, Lauren


  2. I just found your blog and it looks amazing! I love the layout and design! Congrats on 1,000 followers btw!
    I have recently started my blog and would love some feedback if you have any time spare xxx


  3. I’m pretty new to your blog Olivia, but that’s amazing, congratulations!!

    My blog is kinda movies, kinda books, kinda music, but most of all it’s a wonderland of everything I’m about. Check it out if you like guys! I’d love a few tips, and I need some new blogs to follow and keep up with since I’m so new to blogging!

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  4. Congrats! 😍I hope that I would reach that 1000 followers mark some day.😄
    Now to introduce my blog,
    I am Kieona and I am 13 this year. I guess my blog could be called a lifestyle blog… I blog about my past and present experiences and my little sister. I like to doodle, craft, crochet and do gymnastics. I just started my blog almost 3 weeks ago☺. Please do visit my blog and if you enjoyed it, please leave comments (comments are definitely welcome!), like, and follow my blog for the lastest updates on new posts!

    Check out my blog!

    Btw, I have visited some of the blogs here and I LOVED them!💖 Will be sure to follow some of you brilliant bloggers!

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  5. Congrats! I post rants, advice, lifestyle and more every Sunday and Thursday. I started my first blog yesterday but planned it a while before. My website is http://www.bayance.wordpress.com You can check it out if you want to. I also love to read other people’s blogs so brb while I stalk everyone in the comment section.


  6. Congratulations! 1000+ is an amazing score. Well done 🙂 Posts like this are not only helping beginning bloggers but also entire community to connect together and find something new. Thanks for doing that!
    My blog: https://carolineontheglobe.wordpress.com/ is a blog about everything. I don`t really have a niche as I like many things. This is my first blog ever and I am still learning about blogging. If someone would be interested in posts about London ( where I live), travel and cities I visited, movies, books and a bit of fashion please have a look at my blog. All the best! Waiting for your 2000 followers soon! 😀

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  7. Sorry that I’m like super super late, but I still think that I HAVE TO congratulate you!!🎉 Wow, 1000+ followers is absolutely incredible. But I mean your blog is amazing, so you deserve every single one and all the following. Keep up the great work!!❤❤ (And the pictures are really really adorable.😊)

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  8. Hello there! My blog is a poetry blog called The Cinderblock Garden. As my tagline says, it’s a place for me to lay my thoughts and skeletons for others to see. I’m hoping that people will read my blog and find pieces of themselves in my writing; maybe even a little bit of inspiration. My goals include provoking thought, empowering the spirit and making people feel understood.

    Here’s a link to one of my poems, “Pill of Perfection”:

    And here’s one to a piece I entitled “From the extreme perspective of a starry-eyed dreamer”:

    Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to share our blogs!

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  9. Congratulations Olivia 🎉👍😊 you are amazing 💟
    I can’t wait to find out some interesting blogs…..
    Hello everyone….. 🤗
    My name is Aditi, the face behind my blog DIY Empress……
    As the name suggest, I blog about easy DIY projects……. Hope you like it…. And if you do please join me…… 😊😊
    Here is the link to my blog…..
    You may follow my Instagram account as well…… my username is @diy_empress
    And here is the direct link

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  10. Hello, my name is Andrew and my blog is called “All About Us’, it’s honestly about a 19-year old that struggles with college and the things life throws at him. Yes this blog is about me and I share my experiences with certain situations, and I will also start giving advice on things I’ve been through and honestly it’ll just be a way to express the ways I feel and the struggles and adventure I am a part of. If you all can take a look at it and follow me if it interests you, thanks! https://andrewaizu.wordpress.com

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  11. Hey hun! Great post. I’d just like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. Of course, this it totally optional but I’d love it if you could participate. Just visit this link if you’re interested: https://infinitelyadaydreamer.com/2017/08/10/the-leibster-award-%F0%9F%A4%A6%F0%9F%92%9F-youre-about-to-be-swept-up-into-a-rainbow-mover-and-dumped-in-the-wonderful-world-of-me/#respond (You’ll just have to scroll up. Sorry this is so long!) x


  12. That is amazing! 😀 Woah 1000+ in a year! 😀
    Your content is very interesting and stylish hence, people would get attracted to your blog immediately! 😀
    2000 is practical for you, keep striving and stay awesome! ❤

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  13. I’ve just come across your blog and I absolutely love it!

    In terms of my own blog, I only just started 3 days ago and am love it so far. It’s a beauty and lifestyle blog with some general ramblings about life in there! If anyone wants to check it out it’s cuppasandcocktailsblog.wordpress.com x

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  14. Congrats Olly! I just stumbled on your blog from another related blog post and I’m really proud of you!!!

    You go girl! You really do write well…

    My lifestyle blog http://www.debwritesblog.com focuses also on personal experiences which I share through prose, poetry, fashion, relationship tips and domestic issues…

    Looking forward to connecting with more beautiful likeminds.

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  15. I came across this post and thought you seem to be doing something right and maybe looking into your other posts will give some inspiration to find ways to maybe make my blog better.

    I write about my life with autism, and what some types of situations most people deal with are different for me. I also use it as a way to research certain topics I’m not too familiar with and give others a chance to learn about those topics too. I’m still fairly new to blogging, been doing it for 3 months, but I am enjoying every minute of it. Anyone who is interested can check it out at autistichockeygirl54.wordpress.com

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  16. hey there! congratulations on such a great milestone, and what a great idea for other bloggers! Such a great way to get us all together to connect. My name is Sage and I run a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog called Sage Olivia. I was born and raised in Southern California, so my blog is centered around a beachy lifestyle. I’ve had my blog for a few years now, but just recently found this amazing community in blogging and I love networking and meeting new friends! I’d love to support everyone I come into contact with, so feel free to browse around my blog so I can find you! Much love! xx

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