Day in the Life: St. Louis, Missouri

On my last Day in the Life, I got a really positive response and my last post was a Travel Diary, I decided to keep being a “travel blogger” for a bit longer and write a day in the life of my trip.  Since my travel diary was on half of the vacation (Chicago, Illinois), this post is all about the other half I spent in St. Louis, Missouri.  Whenever my family and I travel we always cram so much into a day and this is about one of the busiest!  I hope you enjoy 🙂

7:25 am- I started my day off with some greek yogurt (gotta get that protein!!) and a poptart.  Keeping in mind that almost anywhere in St. Louis will involve lots of sun and sweat, I did my makeup natural and simple, threw my hair into Bubble Braids and was ready to take on the day!



8:17 am- My family and I began to pack up everything in our hotel room, as we were switching hotels later that afternoon.  Luckily, packing never takes me that long when already traveling, although packing FOR a trip is an entirely different story.  Let’s just say it is one of the things I do procrastinate on. 🙂

8:57 am- Our first destination of thee day was the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.  The church was gigantic and beautiful on the outside, and when I stepped inside I felt as if I was in a whole new world!  I was in awe of the stained glass and high ceilings.  The most stunning room was one you couldn’t take pictures in because it was reserved solely for devotion and prayer.  The Cathedral Basilica should be a must-see for anyone coming to St. Louis, whether you’re religious or not!



10:01 am-  Next on our to-do list for the day, was Forest Park, a 1,370 acre park area with many places to go, like a boathouse, pavilion, zoo, museum, and much more.  The first thing my fam explored was the World Fair Pavilion where the 1904 World Fair was held.  It took a lot of stairs to get up there and I’m pretty sure even the fittest person in the world would be out of breath after climbing up those stairs!  To be honest, the Pavilion wasn’t anything special at all, but it did give us a nice view of Forest Park.

11:00 am-  After the long treks to and from the Pavilion, it was time to relax and paddle boat down at the boathouse.  There are 4 of us in my family and we thought the paddle boats would be made for 2, but they turned out to be the perfect size for 4 people!  It was kinda cool to be so low down to the water and be in complete control of where we went.  The views were good, we went under a few bridges, and ended up in a big pond with fountains that shot up water really high.  My dad jokingly steered us toward one, but we couldn’t turn around in time and got SOAKING WET!  It was so hot that by the time we made it back to the boathouse all our clothing was dry as a board.



12:09 pm- It wasn’t originally our plan to eat lunch at the boathouse, but paddle boating had us starving.  I had some yummy cheese nachos with pepper, which was delicious!

1:25 pm- Once we finished our lunch, it was off to our next location, the historic Courthouse.  This was a cool building that was a museum for the famous Gateway Arch and where court cases like Dred Scott were held.

2:23 pm- Directly across from the Courthouse was the Gateway Arch, which is debatably what St. Louis is most famous for.  We started walking towards it and the closer I got the more I realized it was a lot larger than I thought!  Made with steel and an astounding 630 feet tall, we had the option to ride to the top of it to get a great view of the city, but the circle elevator looked a lil’ sketch, so our family decided to pass on that offer!



4:15 pm- All checked into out hotel now and unpacked, my sister and I decided to explore and take pictures around the hotel.  We discovered a ballroom straight from a movie and got locked in a stairwell!  That could’ve ended worse than it did because luckily, a worker was leaving and we were able to get back in to the hotel!!


Dressed up with no where to go, so we decided to take pictures in the ballroom instead!

6:00ish pm- My dad loves barbecue (I do too, but #vegetarian, so…) and for dinner we went to the well-known Pappy’s Smokehouse.  People come from all over to eat there and we had heard that normally the line was out the door and 45 minutes long!  Since it was a Tuesday night, we were able to order immediately.  I got a BBQ Spud with all the toppings besides the meat and it was SO GOOD.  My whole fam was swooning over Pappy’s Smokehouse’s food for the rest of the trip.  I highly, highly recommend this restaurant!

6:42 pm- We all got a boost of energy after dinner and decided to go to a cool art park called Citypark where you can actually swim in the fountains and climb on some of the sculptures.  


One of the Citypark sculptures that reminded me of a hamster wheel. 😂

7:03 pm- From Citypark, we walked to Ballpark Village, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadium.  The stadium was so nice and there was tons of merch and Cardinals theme restaurants all around that we got to explore.


Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

8:00 pm- My eventful day rolled to a close as we came back to our hotel for the night.  I showered and scrolled through Instagram for a bit before working on my Top 10 Songs of Summer: Love at First Listen post and watching some TV.

9:54 pm- Got up to brush my teeth than it was beauty sleep time for me, as were were headed to Chicago the next day (read my Chicago Travel Diary to learn about that).

That’s it for my Day in the Life: St. Louis, Missouri.  I have a really exciting Solo Style post coming this weekend and can’t wait to share it with you guys, so stay tuned… As always, thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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