Being Vegetarian

About a month ago, I decided to take the jump from being an omnivore to being a herbivore.  In other words, I’m vegetarian!  I had been debating on switching for a while (since the New Year) and started during the first week of June.  Today, I’m going to highlight some of the things I have learned during this month of being vegetarian to potentially help those who are thinking about changing to this lifestyle or are already a part of this lifestyle.


The most asked question from people when they find out I’m vegetarian is simply, why?

Well, a lot of times throughout my normal day I would munch on foods and candies that contain empty/wasted calories.  This means that these snacks would fill me up for a little while, but in the long run don’t help my energy/nutrient levels and would sometimes leave me even more hungry.  Now, as a vegetarian, I am eating more organic and filling meals that have more sustainable energy and I find myself reaching for snack foods less.  To be honest, after eating a hearty veggie meal I feel a lot more energized and ready to take on the day than before.  I don’t know how long I will continue to be vegetarian, but I have enjoyed it so far!


One of the pluses of cutting out meat was that I tried new foods.  Previously, whenever I would go to restaurants or even eat meals at home, I would typically stick with the same sort of stuff (chicken, tacos, burgers, meat-filled pastas, etc.).  Now, I’m trying out things I never would have if I hadn’t switched to being vegetarian.  I have definitely been pushed out of my comfort zones in terms of food, as normally when I see veggies or a plate filled with green and neutral-colored foods, a warning sign goes off in my head that reads, “DON’T EAT THIS!”  But boy, was I wrong.  The food I tried so hard to stay away from ended up being some of the best tasting food I’ve had to this day.  I have also begun experimenting with new seasoning and sauces too.


  • Protein Intake:  Protein is one of the biggest supplements we need on a daily basis and your intake needs to be watched carefully when you first start out as vegetarian as protein can be harder to get when you don’t eat meat.  The daily protein intake should be about 50-55 milligrams, but this also depends on the person.  If you don’t get enough protein, this can leave you feeling tired and isn’t healthy.  Foods like Greek Yogurt, nuts, peanut butter, beans, spinach, and hummus are great ways to get protein.  Making sure you get enough protein is key as a vegetarian.
  • Eating Enough:  When I first started out, I was eating similar sized meals to what I normally ate. For the most part this is okay, but depending on what you’re eating, it’s important to remember that sometimes you may need to eat more servings of a veggie meal than you would of a meat meal. I think feeling completely full after you eat is key (this doesn’t mean you have to feel bloated or anything, just a content full).  Then, this ensures you’re getting the proper nutrients and meal size you need. As a vegetarian, it is totally fine to eat more than you would on a normal diet. 


    Just because you don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean all you can eat is salads.  A cookbook I love that has extremely yummy food is Everyday Vegetarian.  Two of my favorite recipes from the book are the Mexican-Style Grilled Vegetable Sandwich (a delectable black bean spread was placed on the bun with zuchinni and red onions on top) and Stir Fried Chinese Egg Noodles (an oh-so delicious combination of veggies, eggs, and linguini noodles that makes a fantastic pasta).

    Being vegetarian has been an exciting and enlightening journey so far and I hope this post helped you, whether you’re on a plant-based diet or thinking about it. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more Vegetarian related content because I’d be happy to make it. 😊 Thanks for reading!

    πŸ’œLove, Olivia

    Check out my Instagram, @absolutelyolivia, for more of my life and style. 

    *Excuse the lack of pictures, ya girl is not very good at remembering to take pictures of her food before eating it! πŸ˜‚

    65 thoughts on “Being Vegetarian

    1. I have gone vegetarian a few times in my life, for different reasons every time. Some odd things I struggled with… one was heart burn! I found that my black coffee for breakfast and lettuce-y salad for lunch left me with terrible heart burn. The other thing I struggled with was eating too many carbs. I found it was hard to find vegetarian dishes (this was 15 years ago we are talking about, so I think there are more veggie dishes in the world now than there used to be… it seemed like if you went out to lunch or didn’t grocery shop frequently enough all I was left with were easy to reach for carbs and that somewhat defeats the purpose behind being vegetarian to eat healthier! I have honestly thought about going back but am not sure yet.


    2. Yay! That’s so awesome Olivia! I’m glad to hear that your Vegetarian journey has been great so far! I’ve started eating meats again (I know, haha!), but I do dedicate a few days in between to solely eat a Vegetarian meal. It definitely forces you to try new things which is super exciting and surprisingly even more amazing than meat. I wish you the best of luck on your continued journey! I definitely want to see more Vegetarian posts! 😊

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    3. How amazing of you to become a vegetarian! I have been one for quite a few years now and it’s so fun to see more and more people discover being a vegetarian Xx

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    4. I feel like everyone is going to become a vegatarian. I took the plunge back in November (to even my own surprise) and haven’t looked back. Great to hear you’re doing well and thanks so much for the tips- cooking veggie dinners can be our biggest challenge!

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        • Good morning Olivia! Paulette Motzko from Las Vegas, Nevada here, creator of
          I am glad you liked my last post I put up there. That’s what alerted me to you and your site. I was going through my emails and then read this one from you. You are such a pretty young lady and so intelligent and talented too! What part of the world do you live? I want to share this on Totally Inspired, but want to write your full name in the header. Also, if you would, it would be nice to share a few of your photos in my reblog, and I will give you photo credits. every time I get the idea to do a story like this and usually goes to the top of the charts. My email is I also have been eating a lot of vegetarian cuisine, experimenting with almond flour, rice flour and garbanzo bean flours.
          I look forward to hearing from you. You can find me as PollyMotzko-on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

          Be blessed and I look forward to hearing from you.


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    7. Great post! Thug Kitchen is another great cookbook and there are tons of great recipes on Tasty Vegetarian and Bosh! (Vegan). Welcome to the delicious world ice vegetarianism ❀️

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    8. OMG girl I can relate! I’m a vegetarian too, recently became on a few months ago! My family eat meat and I’m the only one who is a veggie πŸ˜› It was difficult at first, trying to avoid meat + egg related food but later it became a habit. It feels great that you eat food which doesn’t kill a animal! πŸ™‚ Keep it up, continue doing it πŸ˜€

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    10. loved reading about your experience! I just decided to become a vegetarian again (I had a brief stint a few years ago and wish I never stopped) so reading your tips is going to be super helpful to me as I transition back into it!

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    11. Good luck with this Olivia. I’ve been vegetarian all my life (I’m 51) and never had any real problems, but eating out can be a pain. Indian food is my saviour here.
      Since I started working out regularly 6 years ago I have found I do need to supplement my protein intake and I have a vegan (plant based – not whey) protein shake each day.

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