Get to Know Me: 15 Facts


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve gained quite a bit of newbies who have decided to hop on the Absolutely Olivia train by clicking the follow button, so I think it’s a good idea for me to create a post where everyone can get to know me better!  Yes, I do have an About page, but that holds all the basic info and I want to share stuff you may not have heard about me before.  Without further ado, here are 15 facts about me.

  • My middle name is Marie.  It’s pretty basic, but Marie is a family name and it flows with the rest of my name quite nicely!
  • I play tennis competitively and this sport is one of my favorite things to do outside of blogging.
  • I would pick the mountains over the beach any day.  This might sound crazy, but I live in a coastal state in the US, with plenty of beaches and I always feel so refreshed after a mountain trip.
  • My favorite food in the whole wide world is buffalo chicken wings, but I’ve been vegetarian for the past three weeks and will probably stay vegetarian for a long while.  So no chicken wings for me!
  • I love love love the color red, especially really vibrant hues like the one that is found on red geraniums.20170620_181325.jpg
  • The best two non-style posts I have ever written, at least in my opinion, are Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Standing Out and The Future Is Female.
  • I want to work in Marketing or Public Relations for the Fashion industry when I’m older.
  • I am an intersectional feminist, which you can learn more about what that means by reading this article by USA Today; What is intersectional feminism? A look at the term you may be hearing a lot.
  • Besides the obvious answer of New York City, my favorite place I have traveled is either Washington D.C. or Colonial Williamsburg.
  • La La Land is my number one movie pick.  The songs are wonderful and I love how a lot of the movie is almost zero talking, but you still know exactly what is going on.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Me showing off my belief in Girl Power in honor of International Women’s Day a few months ago.

  • My fashion icons are Zendaya, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lorde, and Dua Lipa.  All five of them are so fearless in what they wear and are always changing their style up. They are pretty much what/who I strive to be style-wise.
  • I love to write poetry in my free time and I might be sharing some on the blog soon…
  • I have one dog named Piper.  She is a deagle (a mix between a beagle and a dachsund) and is quite small, even though she is almost 4 years old.
  • I love watching Youtube.  My favorite fashion channels are Kallie Kaiser, Emily Lee, clothesencounters, and Marla Catherine.  My favorite non-fashion related channels are Liza Koshy, Tessa Brooks, David Dobrik, Zane Hijazi, Hello Katy, Jake Paul, Carly and Erin, Jessie Paege, and nowthisisliving.
  • Last, but not least, if I could dye my hair any color it would be platinum blonde, a bright blue, or lavender.


After this post, I hope these 15 facts gave you a better idea about who I am!  And to all the new faces who are reading this right now, welcome to Absolutely Olivia and I hope you enjoyed this post and will stick around for more! 🙂  Feel free to leave in the comments below an interesting fact about yourself, so I can get to know you all better too.  Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia

Check out my Instagram, @absolutelyolivia, to see more of my life and style.

23 thoughts on “Get to Know Me: 15 Facts

  1. Oh man I LOVED visiting Washington DC too, such a beautiful city with so much to do!!! I actually might be going back next month *fingers crossed* Also YASS buffalo chicken, I always forget how much I love them too and I will binge eat them!

    xo, JJ

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    • Oooo you’re lucky if you get to go to DC again. It’s so beautiful and you can walk almost anywhere, which i love! I agree on the buffalo chicken, I know that when I decide I no longer want to be vegetarian, wings will be the first thing I reach for 😂 But for now I will have to settle with putting buffalo sauce on my salad and tofu *sigh*

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  2. It was great to learn more about you Olivia! As always I love your photos 🙂 That first photo of you is so gorgeous! I didn’t know you played tennis competitively, that’s really impressive! I feel like you could definitely rock bright blue or lavender hair, it would suit your complexion 🙂

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  3. So great to meet you Olivia ❤ . I so wish I could play tennis but I suck so badly at sports 🙈. I also love Zendaya – fashion-wise aaaand personality-wise ✨ . And I checked out your Instagram and followed 💐

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ohmigosh!!!! We have so much in common! First of all, my middle name is Marie too! I love tennis so much and I’m hoping to make the team this year. I love fashion too and La La Land was an amazing movie one of my favorites. So awesome learning about you. great post!

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  6. OMG your doggie is so cute! ❤ Such innocent eyes!
    Cute facts about yourself, that's great you want to work when you are older in marketing and PR! 😀 Another business minded girl (I am too!) 😀


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