6 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

Now that it is summer (unofficially), it is extremely hard to escape the scorching heat. Since the past week where I live has been in the late 90’s, with the real feel being over 100 degrees, I find myself looking  at my closet and asking: what can I wear that will keep me the coolest?  Tank tops and t-shirts are always the answer, but today I’m going to focus on the latter.  Sometimes styling a t-shirt to be cute without losing its cool comfort can be hard (I’ve struggled with this many times), so I’ve come up with 6 different ways to style a t-shirt for summer!


The first way to style a t-shirt is by tucking it into a skirt.  Skirts are wonderful in the summer because they keep you cool and just like t-shirts are extremely versatile.  This is the perfect combo for almost anyone because whether you’re more edgy or feminine, there is a tee and skirt pairing out there for you!


My take on the t-shirt tucked into skirt style.  Shirt: Thrifted    Skirt: H&M (last season)  Shoes: Forever 21(linked similar ones)


Knotting up your t-shirt in the front is one of the best and easiest ways to take your outfit up a notch.  It creates a cropped look that you can wear with anything, from high-waisted jeans to denim and athletic shorts.  The knotted look is great for is your shirt is too big for your liking and it works with skirts too! 😉

2017-06-16 02.34.33 1.jpg


If your tee is over-sized, wearing it as a dress is a style you can turn to.  You can belt it to  create more of a waistline and/or wear some rad stand-out shoes.  Wearing a t-shirt as a dress gives the perfect opportunity to accessorize and play with bold makeup and hair looks.

Image result for t-shirt as a dress



If you find wearing tees to be a bit boring, try adding a bit of pizzazz with a piece of statement jewelry.  Chunky necklaces, big rings, geometric earrings, and chokers are ways to do this.  This is one of my personal favorite ways to style t-shirts.



During the summer, stores love to blast the air-conditioning, so it can be nice to have a denim jacket to go with a t-shirt if you’re going shopping for anything.  Denim jackets are classy and can be easily made to go with your style because there are so many types of colors, crops, and embellishments.


Shirt: Marshalls  Jacket: Thrifted and I added the embellishments myself.


This is something that was really big last summer, but a style I still love.  Wearing a t-shirt under a slip dress or any dress is so fashionable and just like with a skirt, a dress will keep you cool throughout the hotter parts of the day.

Image result for t shirt under dress

Example from Gurl.com

All of these ways to style a t-shirt are great for summer and an easy way to up your fashion game while wearing one of the most comfiest items of clothing ever.  I know for sure I will be rocking all of these looks in the months to come and I bet some of you will too!

Feel free to comment down below different ways you wear your tees throughout the warmer months (or even the colder months!) of the year.  Thanks for reading and here’s the article of the week: Feminism and why we need it by Stefania over at the blog, Chronicles of A Hyperactive Writer.

💜Love, Olivia

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