My Artwork and What Inspired It

One of my goals this year was to be more creative, and drawing is something I have been doing to reach that.  The media I use most is markers and Sharpies because I like the clean finish and vibrant colors they give.  Some of these drawings have inspirational quotes or political meaning, while others I solely did for fun.  Underneath the pictures, I have explained why I created the artwork and what inspired it. Enjoy!


After drawing this rainbow, I realized it seemed incomplete without anything else to surround.  So I came up with this original quote and added the rain droplets.  The rainbow is bright and colorful, which diverts your attention away from the droplets above, and that is where the quote idea came from.


I drew the floral border on this paper, but had no idea what words I wanted in the center. After a week or so deliberating the perfect words, I decided on ‘Femme ain’t Frail,’ one of my favorite sayings when it comes to Girl Power (In French, femme is the word for girl).  The words gave a nice meaning to this drawing, and I loved the finished product!


The above piece is a remake of something I drew a long time ago, but a whole lot neater!  I got the idea of the square part from a picture of a bullet journal I saw on Instagram, and to make the creation more my own, I added colorful circles around the outside.


This drawing in near and dear to my heart, as it stands for something I believe in; equality for all and feminism.  The plan was to hand it up in my room (and that’s what I did), so I knew I wanted this piece to be simple, yet eye-catching.  I didn’t want the drawing to be only black and white because that is quite boring.  Taking inspiration from the beautiful Henna I had recently got and pictures of Henna online, I drew patterns inside of the female symbol, making it stand out, but still fit right in with the equality sign above it.


First, I drew the red lightning bolt using the cross-hatching technique and surrounded it with the orange and yellow lines.  The bolt reminded me of David Bowie’s famous look, so I decided to fill up the rest of the space on the paper with a few of his lyrics from his song, “Heroes.”


This piece isn’t as much of a drawing, as it is more of a visual representation of how I view certain words together.  The most outer square holds words from the Declaration of Independence, the second square is filled with the Preamble of the US Constitution along with some of the First Amendment, and the third has the names of movements and protests that have happened throughout US History.  In the very center I wrote the words ‘Is it just a mirage?’  I drew this after Trump’s inauguration when I was terrified (and for the most part, I still am) that this new president was a step towards losing many freedoms and rights so many American citizens have gotten over the years through the documents are founding fathers set up and through rights gained through political movements.


This artwork was more for fun and there is a lot going on, but nonetheless I feel like everything goes well together.  I was so surprised at how easy it was to draw a water gun, but I am glad I was able to because it adds a sort of playfulness to the drawing, especially with the cartoon hearts exploding out of it.

Well, that’s all of my drawings for now, but I am sure there will be plenty more to come before the end of the year 😉  Leave a comment below telling me which one was your favorite.  Also, get ready for summer blog posts because a whole bucketload will soon be coming your way!

💜Love, Olivia

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34 thoughts on “My Artwork and What Inspired It

  1. Oh I love this! I loooooove the Henna design for feminism/equality, as well as the “Femme is Frail” one! I am DEFINITELY a feminist (and could rant about the problems of being a feminist alllll daaaaay). And glad to know that you’re not a Trump supporter! I mean, it’s fine if you are, but his beliefs are VERY different from mine, not to mention how rude + discriminatory he is…

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  2. I love love love these Olivia! Every single one! I especially love the female equality drawing, and the rainbow – but I honestly think each one is amazing. You are so supremely talented! Don’t stop creating them 😊


  3. Perhaps the one on the rainbow !!! We have 5 inches of rain Sunday 2 Monday 1 last night !! By T the femme I love – all have a wonderful meaning !! Xoxo Mama Sent from my iPhone


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