Top 10 Places I’ve Been: Summer Travels

Welcome back to the second edition of my Top 10 series!  Since summer is right around the corner, that means lots of people will be traveling to new and old destinations in the next coming months.  In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the Top 10 places I have been, in hopes you can get inspiration for your travel this summer.    I will cover everything from cities to beaches to historical towns, so there should be a place that will appeal to everyone!


Ahhh, the Big Apple; a place guaranteed to be on almost anyone’s Top 10 places list.  I have been twice and my first blog post was an outfit I wore in NYC!  The sights and people in New York are incomparable to anywhere else, as they are always unique.  I love the fast-paced lifestyle of the city that I get to live for a few days when I visit. Places like Grand Central Station, the Met, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park are some of my personal favorites.  Walking around the residential area is always fun and the food is fantastic! (My favorite restaurant I ate at in NYC was Tao, an Asian restaurant).


Summer Photography 2016


One of my favorite places in my home state is Charleston.  Rainbow Row, the Battery, and are must-sees and if you are into the historical side of things you can take a ferry ride to Fort Sumter (where the American Civil War started) or go on a historical carriage rides.   There is also an aquarium with unique animals too!  For all my fellow shoppers out there, you won’t be let down as long as you go to King Street, which is full of shops and boutiques.

Image result for charleston rainbow row

Rainbow Row photograph from


This is the location of my summer vacation and it will be my second time going.  The first time my family and I went, we were there for under 24 hours.  I am definitely looking forward to spending more time on the beaches of Lake Michigan and in the shops of the Michigan Mile.  There are several really cool art installations like The Bean in Millenium Park and Calder’s Flamingo in Federal Plaza.  Chicago has a city vibe, but isn’t as crazy as other places.


Chicago from


If you love being outside in nature, the Blue Ridge Parkway is without a doubt meant for you!  Named for a blue haze that hangs around the mountains making them look blue, there are so many trails, waterfalls, scenic routes in this area of NC, which have perfect photo opportunities with gorgeous views.  The best place I went to while on this trip was Wisemen’s View.  It is a bumpy ride to get there, but once you are there, it’s worth it!  The weather is wonderful,but if you would like to camp out on this trip (like my family and I did), I recommend doing so in the summer, as it can get quite cold in the mountains any other time of year!

Visit for more!


Known as the New York of the South, Atlanta is my favorite city close to home.  The Ponce City Market, the Ferris Wheel downtown, the Coke Museum, and the famous Georgia Aquarium are all really good places to go.  Even though Atlanta is big, it still holds small town treasures that you can see just by driving around.  Piedmont Park is great and the neighborhoods are all so beautiful and contain lots of house “eye-candy.” 🙂 This city is fun to walk around in with great eats to discover and shops galore!


 Georgia Aquarium


When first reading/hearing about Williamsburg, it seems like a place only history buffs would visit, but that is not the case!  Here, you are quickly transported from the 21st century to colonial America during the Revolutionary War.  Interactive skits are the highlight and make you feel as if you too, are reading the American Declaration of Independence when it was first published and that you are witnessing the real Patriot militia on their way to fight the Loyalists.  My favorite places to visit while there were the Governor’s Palace and the Coffee Shop.  Colonial Williamsburg is interesting and enjoyable, and an easily make you forget what year it actually is!

Check out

Image result for colonial williamsburg


Brevard is one of those places with a quaint, small town charm that never seems to fade.  Every time I have visited there, I feel a sense of home, even though in reality I am far away from it.  Many hiking trails, summer camps, and even a Sliding rock (Water running down a rock and you can slide down it) are in Brevard. The Downtown area with the Blue Ridge mountain backdrop is always endearing and I highly recommend Dolly’s Dairy Shoppe for it’s sweet ice cream and sherbet flavors!  Also, be on the lookout for white squirrels because yes, they are a thing, and can be spotted in Brevard!

Image result for brevard north carolina


Earlier, I mentioned how Charleston is one of my favorite places in SC, and Kiawah Island is another one!  Mainly known because it is a beach on the Atlantic coast, Kiawah offers tons of activities to all visitors.  There are bike paths, marshes, pools, restaurants, a Nature Center, tennis courts, and golf courses.  It isn’t uncommon to see animals out and about like deer and bobcats.  The Sanctuary, a hotel on the island, is one of my favorite places to visit, and there are cool places to stop along the bike path, like the Alley of Oaks.  Kiawah Island is a great vacation place for people who want to be at the beach, but want to be able to experience other things at the same time.

2017-05-16 07.25.01 1.jpg

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A few pictures I took on Kiawah Island.


If you ever find yourself traveling to Pennsylvania, the house “Falling Water,” is a must-see.  Named by its famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, the house is an art piece in itself.  Falling Water was made to make you feel like you are a part of the nature and woods around you.  A waterfall is directly underneath the house and it is simply breath-taking and amazing that someone could create something so beautiful and connect it to the world around.  Every little detail in the house, from the furniture to the way the windows open, is designed to make you feel more in tune to the outdoors.  Tours are available to go inside and gawk at the beauty of it all!

Check out



Last but not least, I am going to talk about the capital of the US; Washington D.C.  The government buildings and museums here are all so grand and regal, and it is fun to walk around and look at them all.  This city is chock full of historical sights, like The White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the US Archives (where the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence are kept).  Some of my personal favorites were the Natural History Museum, the American History Museum, and eating from food trucks on the Mall.  There are lots of things to see in Washington D.C., and a littl ebit of something for everyone!

Check out

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That’s it for my second installment of my Top 10 series.  I hope you enjoyed reading and gained inspiration for your upcoming summer travels!  Feel free to comment one of your favorite travel locations down below!

💜Love, Olivia

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Places I’ve Been: Summer Travels

  1. Oh, these are some awesome places, Olivia! Great photos too. I’ve been to NYC and Washington DC, and I wish I could’ve stayed there longer and explored more! I’ve also been to Niagara Falls, and Thailand, because of family (5 times I’ve been to Thailand lol). I really want to visit England, France, and other places in Europe!

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  2. Ooh, I totally want to visit a ton of these places! NYC is always awesome, but you should come upstate! We have tons of forests and mountains and just beautiful places in general! I live in NY, so everyone naturally assumes I’m from the city…haha nope.

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  3. Oh My God, I am so jealous that you get to see all those great cities in the USA. It really makes me want to go there! (I’ve never been) New York is my nr 1 place I’d like to visit! This blogpost gave me so much inspiration. Do you mind if I make a similar blogpost, but than for the places I’ve been? (which are all in Europe because I’ve never been out of Europe, lol) xo

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