Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!  Today is the day to celebrate the women who love and inspire us.  The past few months have shown that together we can let ourselves be heard.  There was a time in January when a lot of us were feeling unacknowledged and not hopeful for the future.  Hate towards not just women, but others because of religion, sexuality, disabilities, and race seemed to be on the rise with no chance of dropping.  Then the Women’s March happened which stood to remind us there is still hope and light in the world, and no single girl or woman is alone in her struggle against oppression.

2017-03-08 04.28.43 1.jpg

Since then, there has been a change in how people view feminism and women’s rights.  It has grown into something wonderful.  I hear the change every day when girls at my school stand up to people gender stereotyping them or decide to be more positive about themselves and others.  I see the change when shirts with feminist and inclusive slogans are everywhere from the runways at various fashion weeks to my very own neighborhood.

The feeling of empowerment and inspiration is something of which we should never lose sight.  It is our job to make the rest of the world realize that women’s rights are indeed human rights!


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Love, Olivia

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