Solo Style: Chill for Days

These outfits are for those days when you just want to throw on something and go.  They are definitely my go-to for weekends when I don’t feel like staying in my pajamas all day. I feel relaxed, yet still put together in these pieces.  The first outfit you will see is some blue sweatpants with a simple worded top.  I love this look because of its comfort and off-duty model-ish look. 🙂  The second piece is a little less of a “let’s go workout” look than the first, and I love it because I feel like the holes in the leggings add a touch of something special that other leggings don’t.   Also, for days when I am feeling especially lazy, these outfits have a sporty look to them, so they inspire me to still get in that 20 minutes of exercise a day goal!

Outfit #1

2017-01-15 12.04.22 1.jpg

2017-01-15 12.04.16 1.jpg

2017-01-15 12.03.59 1.jpg

2017-01-15 12.04.08 1.jpg

Outfit #2

2017-01-15 08.39.11 1.jpg


2017-01-15 08.39.29 1.jpg

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Before I wrap up this post with the links for both outfits, I want to thank you guys for 300 followers!  If you read my 17 Goals for 2017, you would know my end goal for this year was 300!  I started off this year with a little over 100, so it means so much to me that I reached my entire goal in the first month of 2017!  This makes me so excited for what the rest of the year has in store.  Next up, 500…

Also, a special thanks to McKenzie at StyledbyMckenz for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  I have just recently done this award, so my answers have not changed, but you can read that post HERE.

💜Love, Olivia

Outfit #1

Vest: Thrifted but originally from AMERICAN EAGLE

Worded Tee: FOREVER 21

Sweatpants: WET SEAL



Outfit #2


Leggings: FOREVER 21 (I cut the holes though!)

Shoes: VANS (I added the puff balls myself)





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