Braided Space Buns and 50 Followers!!!

Lately, I have been seeing space buns a lot.  On Instagram, Tumblr,Pinterest and just everywhere in general.  I love them, but for some reason it is extremely hard for me to do them on my own hair.  So I turned to the next best thing, my sister’s hair!  I also added something a little extra and braided a section of her hair into the space buns.  This hairstyle looks great with almost anything and creates a fun, flirty look to any outfit.  Here is the final result:

Processed with VSCO

In this post I also wanted to say that I just reached 50 followers!!! This means so much to me, even though I know to some that may not be a lot, but it is 50 more than the big fat zero I had only a couple months ago.


I hope to continue to grow this blog bigger and bigger because I truly enjoy putting out content I know others besides myself will look at and it is fun to see the way others react to my posts. My next goal is 100 by mid-March. Thanks so much to everyone and I hope everyone is having happy, happy holidays!!!

Also, please go and check out Sarah Shea’s blog because I love reading all her posts and know you guys will too!

xx, Olivia


36 thoughts on “Braided Space Buns and 50 Followers!!!

  1. I love that, I always try to braid from the bottom up but I can never seem to do it on myself! I love that look even if its just throwing my hair up into a ponytail afterwards. I need more practice lol and congrats on the 50 followers, wishing you many many more!!

    xo, JJ

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