Solo Style: Around Town

Although winter is right around the corner, before it becomes to late, I want to share one last fall piece with you.  This outfit is definitely more of a casual, laid-back way to be comfy and still look cute.  I wore this out to lunch with my uncle and then walked around some small shops.  The jacket was probably my favorite item from this outfit, as it was pretty inexpensive yet great quality, and kept me extremely warm even in the wind!  Here it is:

2016-11-23 03.47.25 2.jpg

2016-11-23 03.47.28 1.jpg

Brooklyn T-Shirt: Aeropostale

Jeans: J. Crew

Army Jacket: Marshalls

Dusty Rose Shoes: Vans (I added the pom poms myself!!!)

xx Olivia

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