New Page + Winter Wishlist


I have added a new page to my Menu bar on my blog!!!  I want to post more often and thought adding this page would be the perfect way to make sure that happens.  The Thoughts page will be  a place where I can put anything and everything that does not fall under any other category in my blog.  Posts like Monthly Favorites, my writing, Life Experiences, Hauls, and more will be on this page.


Happy Friday!!!  This being my first post of December and with Christmas being right around the corner, I have decided to put together a Winter Wishlist.  Although I am not participating in Blogmas :(, seeing all the other posts have gotten me in the spirit to start blogging more, especially during this holiday month!  A lot of this list consists of clothing (what’s new?!) and some other items in the mix.  Also, I am well aware most of this is expensive, and I am not expecting to get all of this, just hoping. 🙂  Well, I hope you enjoy!!!

Image result for Doc Martens   ~Dr. Martens

~XXL Band Tee

~Lilac Polaroid Camera

Image result for lilac polaroid camera

~Color Filters for the Polaroid Camera

~Forever 21 and/or ASOS Gift cards

~Ripped Skinny Jeans

~Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

~Fashionable Track Pants


~Self-exploration or Happiness Journal

~Macaron Rose Perfume (reminds me of New York City…)

Image result for crushed velvet booties ~Crushed Velvet Booties or Dress

~Workout Top from Rita Ora Adidas or Stella McCartney Adidas lines

~Pack of Plain White T-Shirts (to design with)

~ Naked 3 Eye Shadow Palette

So there you have it! My Winter Wishlist! I may also be adding things to this list as December continues, so feel dree to check back in on this post anytime.

Olivia 💜

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